My Day at the School Library

I spend half a day in the school library every Wednesday. By sheer luck, both my kids’ library time falls during this day so they get to see me in school. With the 4th grade, I do not have to do anything other than say ‘shhhh, quiet please’ and sometimes ask certain students to sit down and not move. J Working with kids reminded me why I did not choose to be a teacher. You need a lot of patience, of which I only have this much. I can just imagine myself turning into my Social Studies teacher, the one that is feared by everyone. LOL So far, I have not turned into Cruella DeVille…yet!


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foongpc said...

Oh yes, you need to have loads of patience to be a teacher. It'll be fun to be Cruella for a day. Haha!

Babette said...

Hi Foong, yes, even with my own kids, I need a lot of patience. Most of the time, I'll have all of it used up at the end of the day. LOL

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hay, patience, mahirap ito, but we should have to do,

Regards from bernie, barb, sinabi ko sa kanya na regards from you,

rebound daw at sa familya mo.

Have a nice Monday there.

malamig na kaunti sa amin, minsan ok lang, minsan naka tamad lumabas,
pero pag may araw, nice to go in the forest, dito lang sa amin...

ganda tingnan ang mga leaves, ano?

it is like Golden Oct.


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