What We'll Do for the Kids...

Picture this. It's cloudy, windy and chilly. Sounds like winter right? Well, it isnt. This was yesterday when we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. I knew I should've taken my warmest winter jacket but decided against it. What a big mistake! When we got to the farm, I saw people wearing their puff jackets and gloves. What was I thinking? The only good thing is that the kids were wearing their long shirts, sweatshirts AND their winter jackets.
I kept on asking myself why we decided to go on that day? It reminded me of our annual Christmas Tree run: very cold, windy and cloudy. This was the first time we went to a real farm with a hay ride to get a pumpkin so the kids were excited. Anything for the children. That's what parents' want and do. It is great to see our kids laugh and see the excitement on their face. Ok, it was just the little boy that was excited but you get the picture. My soon-to-be tween didn't even want to get out of the car because it was cold. Well, tough it. Afterward, they each got a candied apple. I think that's my daughter's favorite part while my son said it was the hay ride.
So, how much did it cost us to get two pumpkins? Let's see: $18 for the pumpkins, $9 for the hay ride tickets and $8 for two candied apples and two apple turnovers. That is a total of $35 for the pumpkins and the whole experience.
On the ride back to the house, I whispered to my dh "We should've gotten the pumpkins at BJ's instead."


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ria said...

I guess its the experience you go for and at least its only once a year. Its a shame we dont really have pumpkin patches here in the UK (well none that I know of anyways). But next time make sure you take your warmest jacket, gloves and a wooly hat lol.

On The Verge said...

I am with you on this one! After spending tons of money at the pumpkin patch I saw pumpkins cheap at the grocery store!

Mira said...

It's the experience that counts the most! Few years from now, Tyler will be just like Amber too, so treasure the excitement and the fun, forget about the greens going down the drain, LOL, you've got plenty of those, ha ha ha.

Babette said...

@Ria, On the Verge and Mira
Thanks ladies for the comments. You're absolutely right, there is no price for the experience and the memories. :o) They grow up so fast and before we know it, they won't wear Halloween costumes anymore.

twinks said...

Hi Bette,

That was memorable experience, anything for the kids...
What's important is they had fun and they enjoyed it. It is a shame that we don't that here in Philippines. haay...

Take care :]

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