A Fun-filled Month

It had been a very busy month for our household. There were a lot of school activities: two field trips, Halloween Trick or Trunk and the annual walkathon fundraising. Add to that the usual Halloween preparation and the Trick or Treat tonight. Halloween for me means the start of the busy holiday season. I hope I can juggle everything including updating my blogs. I'm already behind with a couple. LOL Anyway, I hope you all have fun trick or treating!
Elements from Whimsy Magic Page Kit Created by Nicole Young©2008 Digital Scrapbook Place
Template by PetitMoineaux


5 shared thoughts:

Kristina said...

Happy Halloween!

P.S. - I love that layout!

ria said...

Happy Halloween.!

Amy said...

mareng barb, galing mo sa talaga sa scrapping:)

janet said...

happy halloween te, heheh bisita lng ko dri ha heheeh ingats u lagi dyan

Babette said...

Thank you all for your comments. :o)

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