Happy Birthday to My Dearest Friend Phoebe


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Lanie said...

Happy birthday to our dear friend Pheobe, Wish you in good health, love and happiness, blessing throughout the years to come. Hugs

mermaidejen said...

Hi Barbs,

Thanks for this and hug Tyler for me. It's a nice of him, hope he will remember me one day:) And you makurot na kita. Thanks for the treat!!

mermaidejen said...

Hi Lanie,

Hey Lady, such a surprise from you. Thank you dhay. I know you are doing good, just keep it up:)

Lanie said...

Hello Ms Phoebe,
how was the birthday celebrant. We are doing just fine here at nakakaraos rin inspite of the economy crisis. When will see each other again. I miss our hangout together in Cebu and it's been almost 3 years na rin. I miss you na, next time maglasing na tayo ha hahaha sarap noong wine ininom natin ano nga pangalan noon diba mag coconut yon na sige stay sexy and pretty.

carlota said...

ang cute ni Tyler.

Love talaga ang ninang nya.

Happy Bday to you dear Phoebz.

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