Mommy Moments #9 - Sleeping

! 1/2 months sleeping
This week's Mommy Moments theme is SLEEPING. This photo of my son sleeping when he was only 1 1/2 months old is my all-time favorite. Isn't he the cutest thing? His face was so pudgy and I love that he looks like he posed for the photo. :o)

A and T sleeping in T's bed This other photo was taken last year. My son sometimes ask his sister to sleep with him in his bed. Now mind you, his bed is a twin so you can imagine how big it is. He has one of those platform beds where it is high up and has some drawers and a desk underneath.

Both my kids were preemies but you wouldn't know if you look at them now. They're growing up so fast that you would think I'm giving them horse supplements for vitamins. LOL


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Genejosh said...

yeah..i agree with you..he's the cutest thing...
by the way, i add your blog to my list...i hope for a link have an impressive blog.

Chris said...

hello! he is really so cute on that pic!!! :D

jeng said...

Nakakagigil ; )

Lanie, said...

Tyler baby photo is so cutie, mabuti si amber natutulog pa rin sa bed ni tyler. How about now is tyler still asking his sister to sleep with him. Andrew still sleeping in our bed and ending up his dad has to move to sleep in his bed because we can't fit the 3 of us in our bed. Here's my theme for this week Sleeping Time.

Melanie said...

Hi Babette,

I have an amazing blog award for you.

Please pick it up anytime.

Goodluck !

Jona said...

your baby's so cute in the first photo, naka-pose pa hehe!
my entry's up too.

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