Planning for Another Family Summer Vacation

It's that time of the year again, time to plan our family summer vacation. Yay! Yes, you read that right, I wrote FAMILY because anywhere we go, the kids go. What fun is a vacation if we're not complete, right? I'm lucky that my kids are well-behaved so we take them everywhere. Last year, our vacation was a blast. Imagine spending a month touring 7 countries in Europe, so many beautiful memories were made. My 10 year old remembers everything of course, while my 4 year old remembers the Italian gelato. yummy!

So this year, we are going to...drum roll please...the Philippines! Dh had been there only once (we met in CA where we both live), daughter had been there twice ( she was 2 and 4), while son haven't been at all. My parents, sister and her family, aunt, uncle and cousin are also going back so it is going to be a family reunion too. The kids are already looking forward to this trip since I told them that we will be going to the beach a lot. We also plan to spend a week in Cebu Shangrila where they have a lot of activities for the kids.

Now I'm on a hunt for plane tickets. I know that this is not going to be a cheap flight because it is considered 'peak season'. I also prefer to get international travel insurance for long trips since you never know what might happen. It gives dh and me some peace of mind. We got one for our Europe trip and it's a nice feeling knowing that you're covered no matter what happens.
I am looking forward to our trip back to my old country. I've been living here in the US for almost 20 years now but I still get excited whenever I go back for a visit.

How about you? Do you bring your kids on trips? Any plans for this summer?


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OMM said...

welcome back to the philippines! it gives me a good feeling to know that despite the economic turmoil in our nation, there are filipinos abroad who are still delighted and excited to go back to the place they were born. inspite of everything that is happening to our homeland, STILL, there is no place like home :)

have a great and enjoyable trip!

DhoyM said...

My littlegirl never left behind where ever we go.

DhoyM said...

Have a safe trip!!

FickleMinded said...
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FickleMinded said...
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FickleMinded said...

good for you! I am so proud with my boys bec they are such a great traveller, we only travel around US though and of course our vacation in the Phils back in 2007, maybe these year here in Canada but they never gave us any problem at all during our vacation.
good luck to your ticket hunting!

Marie said...

so glad that finally you'll be vacationing here in PI. It always feels good to be home,right? :) by the way, you're really an amazing mom te barbs..keep up the good work!:) Again, thanks for being a true friend to me..You'll always be counted as one..

Mira said...

Barb, enjoy your vacation, Hopefully we could see each other there in August *wink*

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