Mommy Moments #10 - Bonding with Siblings and Cousins

Mommy Moments Bonding Europe Vacation - Venice and SwitzerlandThis week's theme is bonding time with a sibling or cousins. My kids are just like any other siblings, they bicker one minute then get along the next. My son is the typical little brother, always teasing his sister. They both like Pokemon and enjoy jumping on the bed although I'm always worried that they'll hit the bed frames. The photo on the left was taken in St. Mark's square in Venice, Italy. They both had a great time feeding the pigeons. The photo on the right was on top of the alps in Switzerland. They both love the snow and had fun with the snowball fight.

Mommy Moments Bonding Playing Wii and the Xylophone Here, they're playing with the Wii Fit. They like to do the running part of the game. They also play together in games like Raving Rabbids and Super Smash Brothers Brawl games. The next photo was at the music room of the Deutches Science and Technology Museum in Munich, Germany. They're playing a big xylophone here.

Mommy Moments - Cousins These are their cousins from dh's side of the family. The eldest is 16 years old and T is the youngest at 4 1/2 years old. His cousin Terrason is 6 months older than him.

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4 shared thoughts:

Chris said...

thanks for joining us again!

Enchie said...

Hi Mommy! I like your bonding story. Considering their age differences, they love to be with each other's company. Now, that is truly sweet :D

dani c said...

Look like they had a lot of fun... I so need to buy the Wii.

niko said...

they look sooo happy together!!!! nice photos my dear!

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