Sniffles and Snuggles

It's not fun whenever your little one is sick. This is true especially if your child is little. Small kids get very clingy and would want to cuddle up next to you. I'm glad that my kids don't get sick too often. (knock on wood 3x) I think it all comes down to good nutrition and good hygiene plus getting all the necessary immunizations like a flu shot in the autumn; or it could be that their body has a strong immunity against the common ailments. I know of a mom whose kids are always sick and she's constantly looking at different sites online on how to cure ailments. She even mentioned that she found this website called Symptoms, Treatments and Cures with information about common ailments. This site is maintained by a healthcare professional. Scribd has a profile for Mr Dan Neumeister, a well-respected healthcare professional in California. Check out Dan Neumeister's profile at Naymz and know more about how to cure ailments and other healthcare issues and concerns.
In our house, my kids always wash their hands after coming home from school. I think that as long as you teach your kids to eat healthy (fruits and veggies) and stay healthy (hand washing, coughing on their sleeves, etc), you will have a healthy household.


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